Membership Passes

With Xola's Membership Passes, you can configure a membership pass that customers can purchase online. Once the membership pass has been purchased, customers will receive a membership code that can be applied to their future bookings. You can also choose which listings the membership code applies to, the number of times it can be used, and restrictions on the season in which it can be used. 

What's covered in this article:

How to enable Membership Passes

How to create a Membership Pass

How to purchase a Membership Pass

How to make a Booking with a Membership Pass


Membership Report

How to enable Membership Passes

  1. Navigate to the Xola App Store by clicking the App Store tab in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Locate "Membership" and select the App Store tile.
  3. Click the green "Request Access" button
  4. This will send a ticket over to our Beta team, to turn the feature on for you. Once installed by the Beta team, they will reach out to let you know. 

How to create a Membership Pass

Once installed from the App Store you can set up and create your own Membership listing. Go to Products> Membership Passes and click on the “Create Membership Pass” button. After this you can begin to create a Membership Pass, that can be added to your online Checkout. 


Description Tab

  • Title: This is the name of the membership pass you offer customers to purchase online. It will appear during customer checkout, on the Xola back end, and in all email correspondence with a customer. 
  • Description: This is the text that will appear to your customers when they are purchasing.
  • Price: enter in the cost of this membership. 
  • Refund Policy: Include your refund policy here to keep your customers informed ahead of time on company policy.
  • Meeting Location: This is the location that you would like your customers to meet you before departing. 
Tip: Do you operate or meet in an area that's off the grid? Use the text area under Meeting Location to describe where exactly it is your customers should go to meet you.

Benefit Tab

  • Discount: Toggle this on to offer a discount when this membership pass is used in a booking. 
    • Set the amount off ( dollar or percentage ), choose for per person or per booking, which demographics you want the discount to apply to, and the number of guests eligible for discount ( meaning how many guests will this discount be applied to when using the membership code )
  • Additional Benefits: Here you can list out any additional benefits the customer will receive with this membership pass. Maybe it is 10% off all gift shop purchases, and they just need to show their membership ID. 



Restrictions Tab

Here you can limit how and when your membership code(s) will be able to be applied.

  • Purchase Window: Limits the dates in which this code can be applied to a booking.
    • Example: You want to make a code that can only be redeemed during the month of November. After November is over, you don't want customers to be able to apply the code anymore. Here you would set your start date to 1 November and your end date to 30 November.
    • Blackout dates: by adding a blackout date, you can specify dates and times that the code cannot be redeemed.
  • Arrival Window: Limits the start date and start time of the events that this code can be applied to.
    • Example: You want to incentivize customers to book trips that occur next summer, so you would set your start date to 1 June and your end date to 31 August of next year. You can specify even further by placing restrictions on which day of the week and time of day your code can apply to.
    • Blackout dates: by adding a blackout date, you can specify event start dates and start times that the code cannot be redeemed.
  • Expiry: You are required to set an expiration for your membership pass, it can be 30 days or 365 days, whatever you choose. This pass will expire x days from the day the customer purchases. 
    • Note: no matter what the expiry is, your restrictions will still apply within the expiration period. 
  • Select Listings: Select if you would like this code to be applicable to all listings, or select individual ones.
  • book a private and shared experience. 
  • f you select Limited use, the number you specify as the usage limit will be the maximum number of times that each code in your membership pass can be used.
  • Holder of the pass must attend the event. 
    • Note: If this is toggled on then the organizer's ID must be validated at the time of check-in ( if the experience supports the concept of check-in ) Person checking in the guest will be prompted to check the ID. 



As part of the membership pass creation process, you'll be asked to add photos. The photo that you set as your Primary Photo will be set as the thumbnail image you see across the back office. In online checkout, the Primary Photo will be the photo used across checkout and well as the images in your shopping cart.


Note: You can add a maximum of 10 .jpg and .png images to each listing with a maximum size of 10 MB.


Questionnaires collect additional information from your customers after they complete checkout. What is included in the Questionnaire is completely customizable. A Questionnaire can be skipped in the back office by a Xola user (it can always be updated in the customer purchase), but customers must complete them if they book through your website checkout.

You can set up a Questionnaire in Global Settings, meaning you'll have one Questionnaire that prompts for all your various Membership Passes, or you can set it up for individual Membership Pass. To set up for all Membership Passes> go to Global Settings at the top of the Membership page and set up the Questionnaire. 

To set up for an individual Membership Pass, go to the Questionnaire section in the individual Membership Pass, and set up the Questionnaire

Click the Enable Traveler Questionnaire:

Questionnaire Display:

  • Post Booking: Filled out after a booking is made by the guest
    • : One questionnaire is filled out per Pass. 
    • Per OrderOne questionnaire is filled out per Order.
  • In Xola Waiver: Will show up in the Xola Waiver you created.
    • To learn more about setting up Xola Waivers, click here. 

Fields (meant for shorter responses)

  • Drag and drop available fields into the questionnaire.
  • Drag the custom field into the questionnaire and create your own field.
  • Make the field Required (select asterisk icon)
  • If you have In Xola Waivers selected it will show Minors and Adults as fields. 
    • You can choose who you want to answer those questions on the waiver. 

Questions (meant for longer responses)

  • Click the red +Custom Question button to add a short-response text question.
  • Make the field required (select asterisk icon)


  • Text: The customer types in a response.
  • Dropdown: Create and edit your own dropdown menu for customers to choose from.
    • Dropdowns should not exceed 110 characters, if you exceed this the charters will be cut off. 
  • Opt-In Checkbox: Add a custom link, give it a description, and Xola will hyperlink it to that website. Great for newsletter and update opt-ins as well as privacy policies or additional terms and conditions.


Note: Once saved, the memberships will be displayed as a list, and you can hover over them to Edit, Delete, or manage the photo.  

Adding Taxes and Fees to Membership Passes

  1. Click into the Settings tab and select Taxes & Fees from the left-hand menu.
  2. To add a tax or fee, click the green +Add button.
  3. Click on the Membership Pass box
  4. Type in a name for this tax or fee and fill out the terms. 
  5. Choose $ per membership pass or % of membership pass value
  6. By default it will apply to all listings - To assign a tax or fee to specific listings, click the 'Select all listings' checkbox to uncheck it and select the listings you would like to apply it to.
  7. Click the green Save button.

How to purchase a Membership Pass

Back office:

  1. From the Dashboard or Purchases tab, click the green Book button and choose the membership pass.
  2. Once you select the Membership Pass the customer would like, this will take you to the Reservation page.
  3. Enter Booking Details
    • Number of Passes
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Email
    • Customer Phone

Note: You will notice all restrictions for this Pass listing on the right-hand side. 


Review Membership Details:

  1. Now Review the Membership Details
  2. Select payment method: (Credit Card, Cash, Check, Other).
    • Check: If your customer is paying by check, we recommend noting the check number in the comment section

    • Other: This can be any payment method your business takes other than what was already mentioned, like PayPal, bitcoin, Venmo. This would have been set up while you were setting up your account payment details.

  3. Next, add a Booking Note (optional) - This will appear on the event's roster in the Booking Notes section.
  4. Click Pay 


Note: After accepting payment, depending on the Post-Booking Action Preferences configured in your Settings, you will be prompted to complete the listing's questionnaire (if applicable), taken to the Purchases tab page, or to your Dashboard


After you create or edit an existing book now button on your site, your customers will be able to purchase a membership pass off your website. To learn more about how to create or edit a button, click here. 


View membership details: 

  • On the Purchases Tab, you can see the reservation details, modify the customer's information, resend the membership email, see questionnaire answers, and even see a payment summary of the booking. 
  • You will be able to Refund the membership by using the Refund button at the top of the Purchase. 
  • For Membership Passes Xola will add the 'Membership Code' as a tag, so you can know what the code is for this customer. You can also add your own custom tags to the purchase. 
  • You can add a booking note to the purchase: below the Booking Details and Payment Summary, click on the +Add a booking note field.
  • The Timeline tab: The Timeline is a history of every single transaction and modification that's ever been made on a purchase. 
    • Note: Transactions will appear green, and any refunds or returned payments red.
  • The Communications Tab: If you want to email or send an SMS to a single customer you can do this easily by using the Communication Tab.


How to make a booking with a Membership Pass

Once a Membership Pass is purchased, the customer will receive an email with the membership code. They can use this code to purchase other experiences you offer. 

Back Office:

  1. Click the book button, select the Experience the customer wants to purchase.
  2. select the number of guests
  3. Selects date/time (if applicable)
  4. Click on "add a code" and enter the Membership code.
    • Note: If the booking is outside the restrictions: Xola will display an error that the ‘code cannot be applied to this booking due to restrictions’ OR if the Membership code is expired or used to the limit: Xola will display an error that the 'code cannot be used for x reason'

Note: If someone calls after a booking is made, and needs their Membership code added, you can use the 'Have a code' in the booking, under the Purchases Tab, to add the Membership Code to the existing booking. 



  1. Open checkout for the Experience that they would like to book
  2. Enter Booking Details
    • Enter guest quantity
    • Select date and time for each event
    • Enter Add-on quantity for each event
  3. Fill out Contact Info
  4. Select Continue
  5. Enter Membership Code, in the 'Have a Code' section
  6. Enter Credit Card information (if needed)
  7. Agree to Terms and Conditions (If configured in your account)
  8. Fill out Questionnaire (If configured in your account)

Note: This booking will show on your purchases tab, like all other bookings. Click here to learn more.


Email sent to you when Membership Pass is purchased:


Email sent to your customer when they purchase a Membership Pass: 

  • Receipt:Screen_Shot_2021-08-18_at_9.29.37_AM.png
  • Code details:



Membership Report

To view, a report on Membership Passes sold go to Reports> Custom Report> Membership. In the report you will see the following columns: 




Purchase date

Expiry date (if set)

Redemption status: Active, Expired


Usage Limit

Recognized income

Deferred income

To learn more about Custom Reports, click here



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