Affiliate User

With the Affiliate user grant access, you can log in to a Xola account, make back-office bookings, manage bookings made by yourself and your team and look at your commission's report.

NOTE: This feature is in beta- if you would like access please contact support. 

A Xola account Admin must toggle on "allow login access" under either an existing or new affiliate.

To learn more about how a Xola Admin set's up a new affiliate, please click here. 

Terms to know:

Parent Affiliate: The main organization. ie Hilton Hotel

Child Affiliate: Any affiliate under the umbrella of the Parent Affiliate. ie Individual concierge of Hilton Hotel

What's covered in this article:

Affiliate User:

Logging in: 

When you are allowed login access for a Xola account you will be sent an email to verify the email address and set up a password. Once this is done, you will be able to log into Xola, via log-in page. 

When you sign in for the first time, you will need to agree to Xola's terms and conditions and privacy policy


How to make a booking:

  1. From the Purchases tab, click the green Book button and choose an experience to book.
  2. Once you select the Experience the customer would like to book, this will take you to the Reservation page.
  3. Enter Booking Details
    • Number of Guests
    • Event Date & Time
    • Customer Name
    • Customer Email
    • Customer Phone

Review Details

  1. Now Review the Reservation Details
  2. Select Add-Ons, if applicable 
  3. Apply code (optional): This is where you enter in discounts code, deals, and gifts.
    • Note: your affiliate code will already be applied to the booking, and you will not need to apply it. 
  4. Optionally choose to Add Custom Charge
  5. Next, choose whether to Collect a Deposit or take Payment.
  6. Next, add a Booking Note (optional) - This will appear on the event's roster in the Booking Notes section.
  7. Click Pay or if adding another experience to the same booking, you can hit the Add Another Experience button.
    • Add Another Experience Tip: The customer will receive separate confirmation emails for each separate experience booked. This is to ensure you are able to make changes to one booking without it affecting another.

Purchases Tab

Under the Purchases tab, the Parent Affiliate will see all bookings they have made, and any Child Affiliate bookings under their umbrella. Child Affiliates will only see the bookings they have made.

The scroll bar

The scroll bar appears to the left of the screen in your Purchases tab, and is a scrollable library of all the customer purchases.

It is sorted in order of most recent bookings, so your newest bookings are always located at the top. From the scroll tab you’ll see the customer name, tickets or equipment purchases, the dollar amount of the purchases, and the date of their experience.

If you click into the purchase from the scroll tab, it will bring up the entire purchase to the right.


Searching for Purchases

Your purchases are searchable by customer name, email, phone, tag, or ID.

When your customers or when you make their booking in the back office, you collect their name, email, and phone. Typing in any one of those three items will pull up their purchase.

Tags, or small notes added to a purchase, allow you to filter purchases for commonalities. Tags are either automatically generated by Xola or you can add your own tags to a purchase after it is made. 

Note: Your Affiliate name and code will always be added as a tag on each booking you make.


Purchase Details 

On the purchases tab you can see the reservation details, resend the confirmation or waiver email, see signed waivers, see questionnaire answers, and even see a payment summary of the booking. 

Rebook Customer Button

  1. Navigate to the Purchases tab.
  2. Search for the customer by name, email, phone, tag, or booking ID.
  3. Click Rebook customer in the customer purchase.
  4. This will populate all your customer's information into the booking page. 


Tag a Purchase 

In Xola a tag is a word or phrase added to a purchase that can be used for searching and filtering in the Purchases tab. When you type the tag into the search bar, it will bring up all purchases that have been tagged as such. A tag may be auto-generated by Xola or added in manually after a purchase has been made.

Auto-generated tags: 

Xola auto-generates tags for for purchases in the following circumstances:

  • An Affiliate code is used (“Affiliate” + affiliate code)
  • Gift Certificate or Coupon code is redeemed (“Gift” + gift code)
  • A booking is made on a mobile device (“Mobile”)
  • A booking is made through Book Now buttons on a third-party website (URL of website)
Adding a tag to a purchase: 
  1. Navigate to the Purchases tab and search for the customer purchase.
  2. In the Add tag field, type in your tag.
  3. Hit your keyboard's Enter key to finish tagging.

The Timeline tab

The Timeline is a history of every single transaction and modification that's ever been made on a purchase. This gives you complete transparency into all the changes that has been made to a customer purchase, from initial point of sale to post-trip! 

Transactions (charges and refunds) and modifications (arrival, guest count, add-ons, experience swaps) are recorded in the Timeline. Each record contains a timestamp as well as the name of the Xola user who made the change, making it easy to know who did what and when.

Note: Transactions will appear green, modifications will appear blue, and any refunds or returned payments red.


The Communications Tab

If you want to message a single customer you can do this easily by searching for them in the Purchases tab. 

  1. Navigate to the Purchases tab and search for the customer to whom you'd like to send a message.
  2. In the customer purchase, scroll to the Timeline section.
  3. Select the Communication tab.
  4. Click the box for Email and/or SMS
  5. Give your email or SMS message a subject and write your message.
  6. Press Send
  7. The Email and/or SMS will show up in the message chain below.
    • Customers responses to email will pass through Xola and be added to the message chain
    • Customer responses to text messages will not appear for you in Xola.Message.gif

Note for SMS: Messages that exceed 160 characters will be sent as 2 separate texts. If a customer calls the contact number from the SMS message, they will reach a recording that instructs them to contact the Company that they booked with (you!). If you're interested in hearing that automated message, you can call 415-800-1140.


Reporting Tab

Affiliate Commission Report

You can see what the general state of affairs is:

  • Go to Reports> Affiliate Commissions 
  • Select the Date Range you want to see
  • Here you will see any Balance that is due. 
  • If you click on your name, you can see a detailed report of the transaction, voucher number, Net, Commissions, Deposits, and Commissions Due. You can also click on the transactions and it will take you back to the Purchases Tab for that transaction. 


Note: Child Affiliates will only be able to track their purchases in reports, where Parents will be able to see all child affiliates reporting information as well. 

Marketing Tab

In Xola Affiliates Marketing Tab the Parent Affiliate can see some sort of hierarchical relationship, we refer to these as Parent and Child affiliates. A Parent affiliate is the umbrella organization that hosts multiple individual affiliates or Child Affiliates within it. 

The Marketing Tab is where you can see the Affiliate name, Code, Discount, and Commissions set. You can also Edit your affiliate information by clicking the pencil icon under the Actions column. 



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