Ticket Redemption App

The Xola Ticket Redemption app enables ticket redemption across multiple locations and operating partners. Our dedicated app ensures all customized ticket expiration and validation rules are easily enforced at check-in time, ensuring a seamless guest experience and protecting against ticket fraud and human error.

The Ticket Redemption app will streamline guest check-in with Xola's QR Code Scanning functionality. Easily add a QR code to your automated booking confirmation emails, then check-in guests by simply scanning the code, with the Ticket Redemption App. Xola's QR codes can be scanned from a mobile device or the printed booking confirmation email. This is an iPhone app that will support the check-in process and ensure that the tickets are used only once.

What's covered in this article:

How to Enable Ticket Redemption on Xola

  1. Navigate to the Xola App Store by clicking the App Store tab in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Locate "Ticket Redemption" and select the App Store tile.
  3. Click the green "Install" button
  4. Locate "QR Code Scanning" and select the App Store tile.
  5. Click the green "Install" button

Note: you must have both the Ticket Redemption and QR Scanning App installed in your Xola account to use the feature. 

How to Set up Redemption App on Xola

Set up Listings:

Once both apps are installed from the App Store you can set up your listings to accommodate the QR scanning. 

  1. Go to Products> Listings> Choose the listing you want and hover over and hit Edit. 
  2. On the left-hand side go to Tickets. 
  3. Choose how you want the QR code to appear to the guest (Currently only one ticket per guest is supported by the redemption app):
    • One ticket per guest: This will give one QR code per guest. IE if you have a group of 5, they will have to present 5 QR codes and 1 QR code will check in 1 guest. 
  4. You can also set up a booking validation rule for the tickets. Each listing can be set up to only accept check-in for that listing for a specified amount of time. To learn more on how to set up booking validation, click here. 


Note: This is a listing-specific feature, meaning you can choose to turn on and off the feature at the listing level. Not all listings have to use this feature. 

Set Up Users:

All admins and primary account owners will have access to use this app. There is no permissions you will need to give these user types. 

Affiliates will need to be set up in the Affiliate settings in order to use the app. 

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Affiliate Management.
  2. Either choose to edit the existing Affiliate or set up a new one.
  3. Beside the Email field in the affiliate set up screen, you will see the Redemption App Toggle: This is where if you want the affiliate to use the redemption app, you can toggle this on. 
    • When an affiliate is given access to the Redemption app, the affiliate should get a "set password email". This email and password are what they will log into the app from. 
  4. Toggle on login access and click Save
    • Note: If you do not see this toggle please reach out to Xola Support to turn on Affilite Login for your account. 
  5. Now go to permissions on the left-hand side and choose the listing which this affiliate is allowed to use the Redemption App for.
  6. Now have your staff (Admin users) and Affiliates download the Xola Ticket Redemption App on iPhone


How to Download the Ticket Redemption App on your iPhone

  1. Go to the Apple App store on your iPhone
  2. Search Xola Redemption and Install the App
  3. Once installed open the App
  4. Log in to your Xola Account

How to Use the Ticket Redemption App

  1. Log in to the app on your iPhone
  2. Go to Scan Code, you may need to grant the app access to your camera. 
  3. Have the customer pull up the QR code on their phone, or printed out email. 
  4. Hover your iPhone over the QR code. 
  5. You will be greeted with one of the following Screens:

Checked In: Meaning that the check-in was successful and you can continue to check in the guest. 


Already Checked-in: meaning that this code has already been used to be checked in. 



Expired: meaning that the ticket is outside the validation window set in your listing. Learn more here. 



Invalid Code: meaning the code you are scanning is not an experience you have or the right QR code for your account. Double-check the ticket to make sure it is for your companies offerings. 



Note: After you have checked in a guest using the Ticket Redemption app, you can go back to your Dashboard (on your desktop or Xola Mobile App) and see the guest for that experience checked in. You can also see they are checked in on the purchases tab, under the timeline tab. 

Itemized Ticketing Option

If you need to manage each guest in your booking as an independent reservation, you can do this through our Itemized Ticketing feature.

Note: Currently designed to work only for experiences following a schedule with Booking Validity. This is not compatible with multi-item orders, packages, and partner orders. 


How to set up:

  1. Make sure all the above is done for Ticket Redemption set up.
  2. Go to App Store> Guest Level Tickets> Click Install 
  3. You need to make sure you set up Booking Validity under Product> Listings> Edit or Create new listing in order for itemized ticketing to work. 
    • Booking Validity: This defines how many days the booking is valid for, and the guest can check-in after booking the experience. This field is not required when setting up your listings but is required to use itemized ticketing.

  4. Make sure you also have chosen the option to have one ticket per guest under your Listing> Ticket preferences. 

How to use: 

Back Office Booking:

When you create a back office booking, you will go through the same steps as normal. 

Checkout Bookings:

When the customer checkouts online, they will go through the same steps as normal. On the payment page, they will see, based on your settings, how long the experience is valid. 


Post Booking Modifications: 

After a booking is made you will have a few options for modifying the booking, like modifying terms, canceling tickets, exporting to a CSV or excel file, etc. 


  1. In the Purchases tab, navigate into the customer purchase.
  2. From the Modifications Banner (grey toolbar), click Modify Terms.
  3. Here you can choose to select all guests or each individual guest. 
  4. Then select a new expiration date for those tickets. 
  5. Click Save.
  6. The new expiration date will be reflected under Booking Details


Refunding a Booking: 

When you click the Refund in a customer purchase, you will be able to Return payment only

What this does: Returns payment to one customer in order to collect that money either in a new form of payment or from another paying customer. Using the Return Payment feature will always open a balance on the purchase for the amount returned.

When to use: To split payment when one customer has for several guests, and those guests would like to pay their share. To allow a customer to switch from a cash payment to putting the balance on a credit card.

For example: Zara charges two tickets for $42 to her credit card for the Sex & The City tour with Popspots. When she and her friend, Ariel, arrive for the tour, Ariel explains that she would like to put the charge for the tour on her card instead. In this case Popspots needs to send $21 back to Zara in order to then collect the $21 from Ariel instead.

Since Zara originally paid for both tickets, Popspots would click Return Payment and type in $21 (the price of Ariel's individual ticket). This will send $21 back to Zara's card and open up a $21 balance on the purchase.

Popspots would then do the following:

  1. Navigate to Zara's purchase and click the Refund button.
  2. Select Return payment only.
  3. Type 21 into the Amount field.
  4. Select Zara's credit card as the Method.
  5. Add a reason for the return of payment in the Comment field.
  6. Click Return Payment.
  7. In the Purchase, click Collect Balance.
  8. In the popup window, select Add a new card and enter in Ariel's credit card details. Popspots could also accept any other form of payment.
  9. Click Collect.

Please note that when returning payment to a credit card, you may not return a customer more than the amount originally charged on their credit card.

Modifying Add Ons

You've booked a customer, and now they want to add or remove an add-on to their purchase. No worries, Xola makes this a swift and easy process! In just a few clicks on the Modifications Banner you'll be able to modify the number of add-ons in a jiffy.

  1. In the Purchases tab, navigate into the customer purchase.
  2. From the Modifications Banner, click Add-ons.
  3. Using the - and + signs next to each add-on, add or remove add-ons to the purchase. The balance will adjust to display the amount to be charged or refunded to the customer.
  4. Click Save Changes. You can settle right away or click Later.
  5. The adjusted number of add-ons and the transactional records will be displayed under Payment Summary and in the Timeline.

Cancel Tickets

When a customer cancels a booking, you can choose to issue a full or partial refund, issue no refund at all, or send the customer store credit.

Please note that when issuing credit card refunds, you may not refund a customer more than the amount originally charged on their credit card.

  1. In the Purchases tab, navigate into the customer purchase.
  2. In the Modification bar, click Cancel Tickets.
  3. Choose which ticket you would like to cancel, you can select all tickets. 
  4. Enter in the full, partial or none in refund box.
  5. If partial amount to be refunded enter in the Amount in the text field.
  6. Click Save Changes to continue with the cancellation.
  7. Select the Method of payment with which to issue the refund.
  8. Enter in any comments on this refund or cancellation in the Comments field.
  9. Click Refund.



You can Export the ticket details to a CSV or Excel file. 

  1. In the Purchases tab, navigate into the customer purchase.
  2. in the Modification bar, click Export. 
  3. Download the Excel file when it is complete. Xola will also send you an email when the download is complete 
  4. Items you will see in the export:
    • Product ID: the ID that goes with the listing that was purchased
    • Product Name: Name of the listing
    • Purchase Date: Date the product was purchased 
    • Expiry Date: Date the product expires
    • Arrival Date: Date the customer is arriving 
    • Demographic: the type of demographic that was purchased
    • QR Code/ Barcode
    • Check-in date: Date in which the guest checked in for the experience 


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