Customer Communication- Automatic Email/SMS

Xola will send out emails and/or SMS automatically to your customers on your behalf. You can set up Notifications preferences for these communications under the Settings tab. These emails go to customers at varies times during the expereince. They range from confirmation of booking, reminders, modifications, reviews, etc. 

What's covered in this article:

How to change your notification preferences 

Booking request email

Booking confirmation email/SMS

Booking reminder email/SMS

Customer Emails Displayed in Google Products

Booking updated email/SMS

Booking canceled email/SMS

Other types of automatic emails/SMS

How to change your notification preferences 

Email communications will be automatically set up the first time you create a listing

To set up SMS communication you will first enable it through the App Store by navigating to App Store > Text Communication (SMS) > Click Install > Agree to the terms of service.

Note: If you need help in getting access to this feature, you can reach out to

Once you have created a listing and your account has been enabled for SMS, you can follow the steps below to configure automatic Email and SMS notifications.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications.
  2. Under Sent to My Customers, check the boxes for confirmations and notifications that you would like to send to your customers via Email and/or SMS.


You can also override the default timing on some of the notifications that go out to your customers. To learn more on this please click here.

The remainder of the article will show you examples of each email and SMS sent to your Customers: 

Booking request email/SMS

If you have Manual Accept listings enabled, your customers will receive the following email when they make a booking: 

Subject Line: [Tour Name] on [Tour Date] 


Booking confirmation email/SMS

Each booking after it is made and/or approved will be sent the following confirmation email/SMS:

Subject Line: Booking Confirmed: ([Confrimation Code ])[Tour Name] on [Date]


Booking reminder email/SMS

 Xola can be configured to send out a reminder email the day prior to the tour:

Subject Line: Reminder - ([Confrimation Code ])[Tour Name] on [Date]



Note: Any email sent to the non-organizer of the tour, will NOT have any of the payment summaries on it. 

Customer Emails Displayed in Google Products

Xola now sends structured data in confirmation and reminder emails that Google processes to show information and actions in Google products like Gmail, Inbox, Google Calendar, etc. This may (depending on their settings) automatically add an event to your customer's Google Calendar, generate contextual cards shown when the event is coming up and/or show up in relevant search results.

Here is an example of how a confirmation email appears in Inbox:



Here is an example of a Google-generated calendar event based on the confirmation email: 



Booking updated email/SMS

When you modify a booking, you can choose to send your customer a notification email and/or SMS informing them of the changes. The email below reflects the change to a booking time.

Subject: Your booking has been updated



Booking canceled email/SMS

If you cancel a booking, Xola can be configured to send your customer communication notifying them of the cancelation and any applicable refunds.

Subject line: Booking Canceled: [Listing Title] on [Date + Time]




Other types of automatic emails/SMS

Gift Emails

Review Emails



Split Payment

Xola Waivers 


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