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Xola Dispute Manager is a portal that allows you to see all disputes, evidence submitted for each dispute, dispute statuses, and a timeline of each dispute. Additionally, supporting information such as links, resources, etc will be provided to help you best advocate for your business. 

To learn more about Disputes, please click here.

What's covered in this article:

Navigating the Dispute Manager

To see your disputes go to Reports > Disputes. Here you will get a view of all your disputes and their status. You will be able to respond from this screen, by submitting evidence. 


Dispute Date: The date in which the charge was disputed. 

Booking Date: The date on which the booking happened. 

Booking: The booking ID and name of the customer. 

  • If you click on the Name it will take you to the customers' profile in the CRM.
  • If you click on the Booking ID it will take you to the booking under the Purchases Tab. 

Amount: The dollar amount of the booking

  • Note: This is not the amount that is withdrawn from your balance, ie this is the booking amount, not the $15 added for the dispute.

Reason: The type of dispute it is.

  • Click here to learn more about Dispute reasons/types. 

Card: The card that was used to make the booking.

Status: The status of the dispute. 

  • Needs Response: You can still submit evidence.
  • Under Review: Evidence has been submitted and is under review by the card issuer's bank.  
  • Charge Refunded: You refunded the customer and they withdrew the dispute.
  • Won: The dispute was decided in your favor. 
  • Lost: The dispute was decided in the customers' favor.

Respond By: This provides a deadline of when you need to respond back to the dispute. 

Activity: When clicked on, give you a timeline of the activity on the Dispute. Who looked at it, who submitted the evidence, etc. 


How to submit evidence: 

To submit evidence for a dispute, click on the Needs Response under the Status column. This will take you to a new screen. Here you will see the Dispute Details and Evidence.  

Keep in mind that the decision-maker at the credit card company will spend less than a minute reviewing the evidence.  So all evidence should be concise and easily understandable.

Card issuers review thousands of dispute responses every day. A long introduction about your product or company, complaint about the customer, or the unfairness of the dispute isn’t going to make your responses more compelling. Instead, provide only the facts surrounding the original purchase, using a neutral and professional tone. 

Xola can automatically fill out most fields in your dispute submission. Simply click on the blue Auto-Populate button at the top of the screen. 

Note: Using the auto-populate feature may overwrite any data you may have already filled in. 

Here are the fields you can have auto-populated or manually fill out:

Product Description: This comes from your Products>Listings> Description of the Listing in question. 

Customers Name and Email

Customers IP Address

Customers Receipt: We would suggest adding a PDF of the Confirmation email or screenshot of the payment summary in the Purchases tab.

Note: If our email server still has a copy of the email, we will add this to the Dispute automatically. 

Customers Communication: PDF of any communications you have sent to the customer. 

Additional Information: Your Cancelation Policy that comes from your Products>Listings.

Supporting Evidence: Any evidence that you feel would help win your dispute. 

Note: If you have multiple files, combine and upload as a single PDF document. The maximum allowed size is 5MB.

Then hit Submit Evidence OR Save.

  • Submit Evidence: This will submit all your evidence to Stripe on your behalf. 
  • Save: Will not submit your evidence and allow you to come back and make changes.

Note: Once you submit the evidence, you will not be able to modify it. The issuing bank's decision will be final and cannot be overturned.


The Status will be changed to Under Review until a decision is made. Again, once you submit evidence, you will not be able to submit more evidence.  

Note: If you do nothing and submit no additional support evidence, the Dispute Manager will NOT automatically submit the details and evidence to Stripe on the Respond By date. 

Still have questions? Please email us at chargebacks@xola.com

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