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Waitlist gives you the option to configure in Checkout and/or in the Back Office. In this article we will focus on the Checkout configuration. 

If Waitlist is turned on for a given listing, customers will be presented with the option in checkout to “Join Waitlist” when they select a time slot that does not have enough open spots to accommodate the number of demographics entered in the Quantity section of the Booking Details page.

To turn learn more on how to enable waitlist, click here. 

Checkout Message

This is the text that will display to your customers inside of checkout when they have selected a time slot that does not have enough open spots to accommodate the number of guests entered in the Quantity section during checkout.

You can customize the text customers see in the waitlist configuration for the listing. 



What the Customer will see

Say that a customer wants to book the 12:00 PM time slot on June 24th, but it is already at capacity. That customer would see the following at checkout:


Once they've entered all of their contact information, they can click the JOIN WAITLIST button to join the waitlist.

A customer has the option to give a flexible time range they would be able to visit.

  • If the opt for this they will be put on the waitlist for the time range they entered. If the spots opened on them they will receive the email to book.
  • They will also be presented with other time slots that are open if in the time range they enter.



Customers who successfully join the waitlist will see this message, along with the option to continue shopping:


They'll also receive an email notifying them they are on the Waitlist.

Make sure that you go to Settings>Notifications and click the box next to Join Waitlist.
If this setting is not on, a customer will not receive an email when they join a waitlist. 

To learn more about how to view Waitlisted customers in Xola, click here. 



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