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You are now ready to add online booking options to your website! You can configure as many different booking buttons as you would like. Each button allows you to show exactly which listings you want to appear when that Book Now button is clicked. Some buttons may include a single listing while another button includes a small group of different experiences. This can all be customized based on the area of your site the button is going to live on. Let’s look at how to get Xola buttons configured and added to your website.

  • Navigate to Settings > Button Code
  • This page is broken into 3 sections:
    • Javascript: This code is placed in a common header of your website. It is the engine that runs the Xola book now buttons.
    • Checkout Type: Here you can specify if the Xola button is added to your site by embedding HTML or by utilizing a URL with an existing website button or link.
    • Button Format and Code: Here you can grab buttons for individual listings, or create your own button that includes several listing. Start by deciding what style of checkout you would like to use; Single-Item, Multi-Item, Timeline, or Gift. Then click ‘Create New Button’ and drag your desired listing from the left hand column to the right hand column. The listings in the right hand column will be the listings displayed when this button is clicked. 
  • Now that your buttons are created, copy the Javascript from Step 1 to your site's common header and place the newly created button code on your webpage.

Note: You can view a live checkout window as a customer would see it by hovering over the listing name and clicking Preview. To learn more about the different checkout options you have please click here. 


Xola Support is here to help if you don't feel comfortable putting the button code into your web site by yourself. Simply use the in chat support function on your Xola Dashboard, or email and we'll get everything set up. 


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