Equipment Management (V2)

Equipment Management in Xola is designed to ensure your availability is accurate and you never get overbooked! Whether you have multiple experiences that share the same piece of equipment, or one experience that you need to make sure is not overbooked, Equipment is what will dictate when it becomes available again.

What's covered in this article:

How to set up Equipment 

  1. Navigate to Resources > Equipment Management
  2. Click the Green "Add +" button in the upper right corner to add a new piece of Equipment.Screen_Shot_2020-04-16_at_11.17.09_AM.png
  3. Set the name, capacity, and count of that particular item.
    • Capacity: The number of spots a single equipment item can accommodate. For example, a bus with 10 seats should have a capacity of 10.
    • Count: The number of identical equipment items. For example, if you have 3 buses that hold the exact same number of people, set the count to 3.
  4. Add Schedules: Create a schedule to designate specific days/times that this equipment item is available or unavailable
  5. Listing Assignment: Select which listings the equipment will be assigned to
    • The listing assignment will show on the front screen when looking at equipment. You can hover over the listing count and see which equipment it is assigned to. 


Note: The maximum capacity on an Equipment item is a hard rule that cannot be overridden. If you need to over book a specific time slot to an amount that is over what Equipment allows, you will need to remove the Equipment from that listing or make the capacity higher.


Learn more about how to manually modify assigned equipment 


Equipment Dashboard

You can now filter your dashboard to show you the equipment that you have set up.  You will see a drop-down menu that controls the view in which your time slots are displayed in the Dashboard. Choose the Equipment view in order to see each piece of equipment and the timeslots it is assigned to. 


To navigate to another day, click the square date picker on the top left of the Dashboard and select the target date, or use the arrows to the left and right of the date near the top of the page.


You can also use the blue arrows to scroll to see all your different equipment. 



Guides, Listings, and Equipment

To the right of the initial view drop-down, you will see another drop-down titled filters. Here you can control which listings show and which do not, as well as view time slots with a specific guide(s) assigned to them, and what equipment you want to see that is assigned or not to that timeslot.


All and Assigned

The next point of control is two buttons side by side that allow you to filter whether you are looking at what equipment is assigned to reservations, and all equipment regardless of bookings. 


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