FAQs for Issuing Refunds

During this challenging time, we want you to know that Xola is here to support you.

Please see our most commonly asked questions around topping up your balance and issuing refunds: 

1) What have I canceled, but not truly refunded because I did not have the funds?

In order to check how many outstanding refunds you have, navigate to Reports > Analytics. Ensure "Recognized Earnings" are toggled on and then choose your date range in the top right. Hit "Export Events". 


From your events report click on the "Bookings" tab and filter on the "Status" column by "Cancelled". You can then look at the "Revenue" column - if the revenue is above 0 than a refund may still need to be issued here. 

2)  How do I view my collected unrecognized revenue to know how much to top off my account?

Similar to the above, if you want to know how much you have coming up in bookings then navigate to the Reports > Analytics tab, toggle on "Recognized Earnings", select future dates, and hit "Export Events".  

From your events report, look at the "Bookings" tab and you will see all upcoming bookings for the time period you selected. You can total the "Revenue" column to get an idea of what your potential refunds will be. 

If you wish to add funds to your account to issue refunds please see article here: https://help.xola.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041083851-Options-for-Issuing-Refunds-and-Increasing-Your-Balance

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