Integrate your Xola reservation system with Fotaflo. This integration provides a more seamless photo delivery experience for you and your guests. To learn more about Fotaflo please click here

To get set up with Fotaflo with the Xola integration you will need your integration key.


Integration Setup Summary

  1. Go to the Fotaflo integration settings page and select Xola from the list of possible integrations.  If you are unable to reach the page, please contact Fotaflo support.
  2. Click Create:
  3. Now that the integration is created, proceed to the Manage Integration Keys button to create a new Integration Key:

  4. Click the Generate Integration Key button in the lower right hand corner:
  5. Log in to your Xola account.
  6. Go to the Xola app store tab
  7. Search for the Fotaflo app, click install and agree to the Terms of Service
  8. Copy your integration key from the Fotaflo integration keys page and paste it into the Field in Xola:                    
  9. Click Continue to install the integration


You can learn how to use Fotaflo and other details on set up , please use this article, it is maintained by our partners at Fotaflo. Please contact Fotaflo support team with any issues. 

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