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Get Your Guide is the leading European marketplace for tours and activities. Reference and manage real-time bookings made on Get Your Guide (GYG) right in your Xola dashboard and allow customers to make realtime bookings directly through the GYG website, iOS and Android apps.

To integrate with Get Your Guide you can start by signing up with them here.

After your Get Your Guide account is up and running, you can integrate it with your Xola account by following these steps:

  1. Locate Get Your Guide in the Xola App Store and select it.
  2. Click INSTALL and agree to the terms of service.  Image_2019-12-12_at_1.46.56_PM.png
  3. Click Visit Settings Page or navigate to Settings > Apps > Get Your Guide
  4. Listings: Select which listings you would like to allow GYG access to. Selecting listings from this page only allows Get Your Guide the ability to look at the selected listing's availability. Your Xola and Get Your Guide accounts will still have to be mapped to each other with the help of Get Your Guide's API team or by utilizing their self-mapping portal in your Get Your Guide account.
  5. Mapping File: Enter the GYG Product IDs , this will be needed to complete the mapping process. This ID can be downloaded by following the 'Download URL' link at the bottom of this settings page.



FAQs for GYG integration :

1. If an Experience is not showing up in the mapping document and it is selected in the integration configuration settings, the Experience is most likely not supported.

2. Some of the reasons an Experience may not be supported : Tiered Pricing, No fixed times in active schedules. All-day experiences with no fixed times will not map.

3. The concept of Early Cut-off does not exist in GYG. If an Experience has an Early Cut-off configured, the GYG reservations will fail if the reservations are attempted within that Early Cut-off window because Xola will not allow the reservations.

4. Per Outing Minimums are not supported for Experiences that have been integrated. All reservations are auto-accepted as long as there is room in that timeslot.

5. Integrated reservations are auto-accepted - if your Experience is set on manual accept this logic will be overridden when a reservation comes in.

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