Gifts and Gift Offers Overview

Selling Gifts is a great way to boost your revenue, especially during the winter and holiday season with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Gifts offer so much potential as a revenue stream that we wrote a roundup of the top tips to sell more gifts. You can give it a read here

Get started with selling Gifts through Xola in a few simple steps

  1. Set up Gift Offers: Decide whether or not you will sell only full price gifts, discounted gifts (i.e. pay $75 for a $100 value), or a combination. Discounted Gifts are a great option for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other special situations. And Xola gives you the option to have the bonus value expire (amount paid never expires). This help center article walks you through all the details of setting up your gift offers. 
  2. Get Ready to Sell Gifts Online: Now that your gifts are set up, you'll want to create or update a gift button and add it to your website. Once you complete that your customers will be able to purchase gifts online. 
  3. Sell Gifts In Person: In addition to selling gifts through your website, you can sell them in person. Here's an article on purchasing a gift in the back office

That's it! You're ready to go. 

Additional considerations, settings, and frequently asked questions

How does gift reporting work?

Xola has a dedicated gift and store credit report. You can read the full help center article here.

How do I get a link to my gift checkout?

Simply preview the button and then copy the URL to link people directly to your gifts. You'll go to Settings > Button Code > Gifts. Then, +Create New Button or choose and existing one. Hover over the button title and click Preview. Clicking preview will open gift checkout in a new window. You can then Copy & Paste the URL from your browser and share it with customers.

How do I see how much is left on a gift certificate?

You can search for the purchase record from the gift & credit report and see the amount redeemed and the outstanding balance. You can read the full help center article here.

What happens if someone attempts to redeem a gift offer outside the restrictions set up?

If your customer attempts to book an experience that is not part of the gift offer then only the purchase price will be applied. If a $100 credit was bought for $75 only $75 will be applied. They will also get a warning telling them what the restrictions are so that they can opt to change their purchase to redeem the promotional value. 

How do I get people to purchase gifts?

Great question! We've put together 12 tips to sell more gifts. You can read them all here.

How do I manage gifts after I've sold them?

Xola lets you cancel, refund, or adjust the balance on a gift or credit. You can also resend gift confirmation emails. You can learn more about doing this here

How does a customer redeem their gift?

They simply add their code at checkout in the section that says "Have a code?". If they are using the gift in person or over the phone you can add the code during the checkout process. Learn more here. Multiple gift codes can be applied to a single purchase and up to one coupon can be used alongside gifts. 

Does Xola have a way for me to sell physical gift cards?

Xola does not integrate with physical gift card sales. You can however enter a custom code when purchasing a gift in the back-office. So if you get cards printed with codes on them you can type that code in and have the physical card tied to an e-gift as well. Here's an article on purchasing a gift in the back office

How do I change which listings show up in the email to my customers?

Simply update your Gift Preferences under the Settings Tab. You can read more about this in our Help Center article

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