XolaBot Automation Assistant

XolaBot Automation Assistant allows you to setup rule based triggers which can impact the availability of your events.

  • Navigate to the Xola App Store by clicking the App Store tab in the upper right hand corner.
  • Locate Automation Assistant and select the App Store tile.
  • Click the Request Access button and someone will reach out to you if you are eligible for the beta.


  •  Once you hear back from a Xola rep that the Automation assistant has been installed from the App Store you can then go to Settings>Apps>Locate Automation Assistant and click Configure. 

Create a Rule

  1. Click on + Create Rule
  2. Name: Name your automation
  3. Condition: 
    • Trigger: The event trigger which when happens the action would execute
      • New booking
      • Update booking
      • Cancel Booking
    • Filters: The filters allows the user to configure conditions that is a prerequisite for the action to execute
      • Filters have 3 components
        • Select field:  Allows you to select a field on which you would like to filter on
        • Select condition: Depending on the type of the field, the conditions could vary
  • Pro Tip: Multiple filters can be added and aggregated using the AND or the OR condition.

  Action: When the trigger occurs and the filter conditions are met, the action that you have set will be executed.

For example, if you wanted to close off timeslots with fewer than 3 spots available you could make a rule that checks if the open availability is less than 3 and then set the open quantity to 0 to prevent additional bookings. 



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