Xola Customer Payouts

All Xola Customers are on automatic, daily payouts. This means that every night at midnight Xola compiles a payout for the Xola Customer, of all the revenue they received that day, then 24 hours after compiling the payout Xola remits it to the Xola Customers bank.

Note: The deposit will show up as 'Tour Transfer Xola Payout'. Payout notifications go to the primary email and not the communication email or to other delegate emails accounts.

Reason for automatic payouts to be delayed:

  • The Xola Customer issued a refund in the 24 hour period between compiling and remitting the payout that brought their Balance below the compiled payout amount

Payouts can also fail for the following reasons:

  • Payment Details have not been entered under Settings
  • Account has not been verified with Stripe
    • If this is the cause for Payout delay, you will see a KYC popup in your account.
  • Xola Customers bank information has changed but Payment Details not updated

Note: When a payout is delayed the Primary Email will receive a 'payout deferred' notification email.  Funds will be rolled over into the next payout and you should receive a Payout 24 hours later (assuming a Xola positive balance) and again none of the above conditions are met.


Recommendation to avoid Deferred Payouts:

  • Batch refunds. For example: if you only issue refunds on Friday then that is the only day your payout has a chance of getting delayed.


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