Schedule-Based Pricing

When setting up scheduled, Xola provides the option to have a price change (either increase or decrease) associated with that schedule.

Maybe there are a few days throughout the year where you raise or lower your prices - for the Spring Break, something big is going on in town, or you're hosting a special event ... Whatever the reason, you can use a Custom Schedule to specify price increases or decreases on specific days throughout the year. You can also use Schedule-Based Pricing on a recurring basis - for example in order to charge higher prices on weekends.

Setting up Schedule-based Pricing:

  1. Go to Products > Listings > and select the listing for which you would like to set up schedule-based pricing.
  2. Scroll down to Schedule and select +Add Schedule.
  3. Input a schedule name and select Open for the availability.
  4. If you would like the price change to be recurring (i.e. to charge $10 more on weekends) select Weekly. Or select Custom to select a single day or a few days of the year (i.e. to set up a $15 increase for the week of Spring Break).
  5. Set up the date or dates and times for the price change. You can also set up certain timeslots to have the price change (i.e. to make early morning offerings $5 less).
  6. In the Price row, select either Increase or Decrease by from the drop-down menu, and specify the dollar amount. The dollar amount by which you increase or decrease the price will apply across all pricing demographics.
  7. Click Save.
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