Pricing Preference

Xola's Pricing Preferences allows you to set up your experience pricing in a way that matches your business needs. Whether you want to offer group discounts, tiered pricing, private outings, or more, this section lets you customize all your pricing preferences in one spot.

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Pricing Types

Note: It is best to make updates to your pricing outside your normal or busy business hours as your team will need to log out of and back into Xola to make bookings after pricing changes are made on your account.

Per Person vs. Per Outing Pricing

You have the option for your listing to be priced either per person or per outing. Per Person pricing will change the total price based on the number of individuals booking. Per Outing pricing is a private experience at a single price, regardless of the number of people that are booked. The pricing can be flat or tiered, based on group size and the preferences you set.

Flat Pricing

With Flat Pricing (for per person or per outing) the total number of people booking has no impact on the price. Whatever you have set for the demographic or outing price will be the cost.

Tiered Pricing

With Tiered Pricing, the price you charge changes when group size thresholds are passed. For example, if you do Tiered Per Outing Pricing you could do the following:


mceclip0__5_.pngOr for Tiered Per Person Pricing you could set up something like this:


Note: Your customers are able to use coupons at checkout when you use tiered pricing.


When you first set up a listing you are required to input a Price. This should be the highest price you want to charge for your experience. 

Now, to set up more demographics you will click Select Demographic and input the following:

    • Name: You can use one of our default demographics, such as Adults or Children, or you can type your own in the text field (make sure to hit Enter on your keyboard to save it).
    • Caption: If you'd like, add an optional caption for that demographic that will be shown to your customers at checkout.  For example, if the demographic is children, you may want to add a caption such as "14 and under".
    • Discount: If this demographic receives a discount from your listing's base price, specify that amount here.


Tip: To edit a demographic, simply click the demographic hyperlink in the Pricing tab of the listing.


Private Pricing 

How to set up

If a Listing is priced per person, you have the option to offer two different booking types to customers. They are:

  • Shared: Multiple groups are allowed to book the same event. This is Xola's default booking type and will apply when private pricing is either not configured or not selected by the customer during the booking process.

  • Private: Only one group is allowed to book per event.

When you enable private pricing you can choose whether bookings are always private or allow the customer to choose at the time of booking. You can also set up pricing that is specific to private reservations and which schedules are eligible for private bookings. 

  • Bookings are always private.
    • Enabling this will mean that only one booking will be allowed per event for this Listing.
  • Allow private bookings at the time of booking.
    • Enabling this will mean that you and your customers will be given the option to choose whether the booking is shared or private while the booking is being made. This will also allow you to switch between private and shared after the booking has been made. 
    • If this option is chosen, you can choose which of your Listing's schedules you would like to offer the private booking option for. 
  • Configure a special price that should be applied when the private booking option is selected. 
    • A common use case is to offer per person pricing for shared bookings, and per outing pricing for private bookings. 


How it Works

For back-office bookings:

  • During the Make-a-booking process, select a listing that has private booking enabled:


  • At the top of the page, select the option labeled "Make booking private". After selecting this option, only timeslots that do not have any bookings yet will appear as available. 


  • If the Listing has been configured with a different price for Private bookings, those pricing rules will apply. 

For checkout bookings:

On the booking details page of checkout, customers will see a new section labeled "Booking Type" There will be two options presented:

  • Shared
  • Private

Depending on which option is selected, the available dates/times in the calendar will update accordingly (private bookings are only available for events with no previously placed bookings. Any checkout price messaging that has been configured will also update dynamically to reflect the private or shared price.


Switch a booking's type:

  • After a shared or private booking has been made, you have the option to switch it to the other type. This option can be found on the Purchases tab, inside of the black action-menu.
  • When choosing to switch a booking from shared to private, only events that do not have a booking on them yet will appear as available. 
  • Any pricing differences that have been configured will be applied when changing a booking's type.



Down Deposits

By setting up Down Deposits, you provide your customer to pay only a deposit at checkout with the remaining balance due at a specified time. A deposit can be set up as a fixed amount per person or per booking or a percentage of the entire price. 


You also have the option to automatically invoice customers for the balance due before their arrival or collect their payment manually in person or over the phone. Xola does not automatically collect balances. You can see which purchases have payment due from the Pending Actions Notification Bell within Xola.

Finally, if you want to make it so your customer can only pay the deposit upfront and not have the option to pay the full amount you can do that too.

You can also set up your Self Service options to allow customers to make payment via invoice for any balance due prior to their experience.


Group Discounts 

Group Discounts can only be used with Per Person pricing and cannot be combined with Tiered Pricing. This option allows you to offer percentage-based discounts for groups while imposing a limit on the maximum discount. For example, you could do the following:mceclip2__1_.png

When a booking hits the group minimum during checkout, the group discount will automatically be calculated and applied to the booking. You are not able to apply coupons to a booking when you use group discounts. 


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