Payment Details

The Payment Details section of your account must be configured before you can accept payments. It is important that the information entered is detailed and correct.

*Note: If you are using as a payment gateway please see this help article.

Legal Entity

This information is required by the payment processor. When entering it, please include the same information that is consistent with the information you provided on your most recent tax filings. I.e.,  If your company name has an LLC at the end, please include it here as well. Depending on the region you are in, the fields that Xola requires you to fill out may change.

  • Click Update KYC, this will bring a pop up screen that will walk you through the information you to enter to verify your account with Stripe. 



Bank Account

This information tells Xola which account to deposit the credit card payments that you accept into. As with the Legal Entity information, it is very important that the information entered here is correct to guarantee your payouts are successful.



Validation Rules

These allow you to set which kind of credit card payments you accept. 

Custom Payment Methods 

If you accept forms of payment outside of Xola, you can configure a custom payment method to appear in your reporting. This will not allow Xola to process the payment, but rather, it will make the payment method appear in the "method" column of your report exports for the transactions that the custom method applies to.


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