Partner Packages

Partner Packages allows you set up Packages, that sell both yours and your Partner(s) listings together. If you have any discounts set up, for your Partners, they will reflect in the Package booking as well. Once you have set up your Partner(s) and Partner Network Settings, you can combine your experiences with your Partners' eligible listings with Partner Packages

Follow these steps to create a Partner Package:

  1. Navigate to Products > Partner Packages
  2. Click the green + Create a Partner Package button in the upper right corner
  3. Name the Partner Package, select the experiences, add an excerpt and description, and set your pricing conditions 
  4. Add a photo


Now you have a Partner Package you can cross sell, which you will find as an option when making a booking from the Xola back office. You can also add the Partner Package to a button in Settings > Button Code and include it on your website.


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