Single Transaction for Multiple Reservations

Single Transaction for Multiple Reservations is a setting within Xola that allows you to charge the customer on one credit card transaction when multiple bookings or items are added to checkout.

Example: If you are in Xola's checkout nearing the end of booking your first reservation and click the "Add Another Experience" button, this will run the credit card provided one time for all experiences added.


(In the work flow shown above, this checkout would be executed in one transaction.)

It will then show up in your transactions report as a single line item if it was all paid for at one time at the time of booking.


(Although there were multiple experiences only one transaction took place, so a single line item is displayed in the transactions report as shown above.)

Note: If you are using Custom Conversion Tracking, only the first transaction in a completed checkout of this nature will be accounted for. Click here to learn more about Custom Conversion Tracking.

Note: When this setting is enabled, only one coupon can be applied to a Multi-Item order and the max items that can be applied to a single cart is five experiences.

Purchases Tab

When this setting is enabled, the entire purchase is logged in the Purchases tab under one record if a customer booked multiple experiences in checkout. (This could be a Package booking or when "add another experience" is selected in the booking process). You can select this record to view all of the details for the transaction at once. You can then click on the purchase again and a separate record of each experience tied to the transaction will accordion downward so you can view each experience's details individually.


(In this example, we see that Keisha made a booking with two experiences. When we first select her purchase we see information on both of the experiences. When we click Keisha's purchase the second time we see both the "Breakout!" and "Bank Heist" experiences appear below, which can then be individually selected.)


Pro Tip:

* If you are using private pricing for your listing and want to change the experience from Private to Shared or Shared to Private, you can.

  • After a shared or private booking has been made, you have the option to switch it to the other type. This option can be found on the Purchases tab, inside of the black action-menu under the 3 dots.
  • When choosing to switch a booking from shared to private, only events that do not have a booking on them yet will appear as available. 
  • Any pricing differences that have been configured will be applied when changing a booking's type.


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