Cross Account Selling


Cross Account Selling gives you the ability to partner with other companies who use Xola to sell each other's experiences. You can choose to either cross sell as a single experience, or as a package with bundled with one of your listings.

Set up

To set up Cross Account Selling you will first enable it through the App Store by navigating to App Store > Locate and Select Partner Packages > Click "Install" > Agree to the terms of service.

Note: If you need help in getting access to this feature, you can reach out to

Once enabled, you will need to add another company using Xola as a Partner. Follow the steps below to add a Partner to your Xola account:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Partners
  2. Click the green "+ Add Partner" button in the upper right corner
  3. Search the name of the business you are partnering with and select it


Once a Partner is added you can click the "Partner Network Settings" button to configure which other Xola users can sell your experiences, add a short bio about your business, and decide which listings are eligible to be sold by your Partners.


Click here for information on how to combine your experiences with other businesses using Partner Packages.


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