XolaBot Package Upsell

XolaBot's Package Upsell feature will help you sell more package bookings on your website. It does this by suggesting to travelers that they upgrade from a single item purchase to a package purchase. 




How does it work on your site?

  • While a traveler is checking out for a single experience, XolaBot asks the customer if they would be interested in purchasing a package. 
  • When a traveler selects the Continue button in a single item checkout, a modal pop will display the packages that are available to upgrade. 
  • The modal will show the traveler how much they will save per person in currency and percentage text. This is to encourage them to upgrade. 
  • The traveler can elect to upgrade to one of packages or exit and continue to a single item purchase. 


Configuration options

  • You can select which packages are shown on a per-listing basis. You can select between 1-3 packages per listing and can order them how you like.



  • Package deals, even with a discount, can be almost twice the amount of revenue of a single experience booking. This is feature can sell even more packages on your website and increase the AOV (Average Order Value) of bookings made through your website.
  • A traveler will only be given the option to upgrade to a package once. If they exit the popup, they will not see the upgrade option again. 
  • Package Upsell currently does not work on mobile.
  • Package Upsell will not work if your websites button redirects to a Xola hosted page in new a tab. 


For more information on Packages, click here.

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