XolaBot Package Upsell

XolaBot's Package Upsell feature will help you sell more package bookings on your website. It does this by suggesting to travelers that they upgrade from a single item purchase to a package purchase. Package deals, even with a discount, can be almost twice the amount of revenue of a single experience booking. This feature can sell even more packages on your website and increase the AOV (Average Order Value) of bookings made through your website.

What's covered in this article:

Getting started with Xolabot Package Upsell

  1. Navigate to the Xola App Store by clicking the App Store tab in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Locate Xolabot Package Upsell and select the App Store tile.
  3. Click the green Install button
  4. Go to Marketing>XolabotAppsXolabot Package Upsell and click on the Configure button

How to configure Xolabot Package Upsell

Once on the settings page, you have the following configuration options:

  • Add Campaign: Here it will display your listings that are already part of Packages you have set up in your account. 
  • Packages: This will display all packages that you have with the listing you chose in the Add Campaign section. 
  • When your customer goes to book the listing you selected in the Add Campaign, Xolabot Package Upsell will suggest they upgrade to the package you selected in the Packages section. 

Things to keep in mind: 

  • A customer will only be given the option to upgrade to a package once. If they exit the popup, they will not see the upgrade option again. 
  • Package Upsell currently does not work on mobile.
  • Package Upsell will not work if your website's button redirects to a Xola hosted page in new a tab. 
  • Package Upsell will not work with cross-account packages

How it works on your website

While a customer is checking out for a single experience, XolaBot asks the customer if they would be interested in purchasing a package. When the customer selects the Continue button in a single item checkout, a modal pop will display the packages that are available to upgrade. 


The modal will show the customer how much they will save per person in currency and percentage text. This is to encourage them to upgrade. 

Note: The customer can elect to upgrade to one of the packages or exit and continue to a single item purchase. 



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