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Unlock Coupons

When entered, Unlock Coupon codes allow you to specify an arbitrary price (pre-tax) for a booking. For example, when your mom comes to town you want to give her a special discount on the price of an experience at your establishment. An Unlock Coupon code would allow you to take the price from $120 down to...whatever price you deem fit for Ma. You could even make the price $0 if you would like.

To set up an Unlock Coupon navigate to Marketing > Coupons > Green "Create a Coupon" button > Select Unlock. Here you can create the conditions for your Unlock Coupon.

Often referred to as the "family and friends coupon", Unlock Coupon codes should be for staff use only and should not be shared externally with customers. For this same reason, do not use an obvious or easily guessable code. Below is and example of applying an Unlock Coupon.

Note: Unlock coupons can only be applied at the time of booking.
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