Implementing Private/Shared Experiences

Release Date: 19 June 2018 

Choose on a per-listing basis whether to allow private pricing and which schedules can be booked privately. This will allow bookings made online or in the back office to be private or shared as part of the checkout workflow. Simply select whether or not the time slot for that experience allows for other bookings to continue to be made (shared), or close off availability after placing the booking, making it private. Learn more about how the feature works here.


If you are currently using two listings and inventory to offer shared and private experiences and want to take advantage of this new functionality, you may need to change your private and public listing setups, and learn the new workflow for making a timeslot private.

The steps below are designed to help you make a smooth transition. Feel free to contact us for additional help.

Your Account’s Existing Set-Up



Inventory: Shared inventory is assigned to both listings to prevent overbooking.

Changes you need to make:


Essentially, you will convert from two listings to one, with pricing settings for private groups.

  1. Navigating to Products > Listings > AMAZING EXPERIENCE (PUBLIC).
  2. Edit the primary version of the listing (the current public/shared version).
  3. Select the Pricing sub-tab on the left > Scroll to the “Private Pricing” option.
  4. Here you have the ability to click the checkbox labeled “Enable private pricing”, which will then give you the option to make the listing permanently private, or allow the option to make the booking private at the time of booking.
  5. Finally, configure the pricing for the private event. It can be per outing, or per person pricing, regardless of what pricing structure you have set for the shared option.


Once you have enabled the option to make a booking private, this will be visible on checkout and for back-office bookings.You can leave the AMAZING EXPERIENCE (PRIVATE) listing, but you will want to remove the button code from your website.

Button Code:

Once you’ve converted to a single listing, any “Book Now” buttons for the private version (old listing) can be removed from your website.

Edit Buttons:

  • Preview: To preview the checkout experience, hover over the button and click Preview. This will open up the checkout in a secure tab in your browser. You can also use this URL to send a direct checkout link to a customer via email.
  • Edit Listings: To remove a listing from a button, drag the listing from the right side to the left and release. To add a listing to a button, drag the listing from the left side to the right and release. Click Save. Your button will automatically update on your site!
  • Archive: If you no longer need this button, you can delete it by clicking Archive.

Other Information

Changing a booking from Shared to Private (and Vice Versa)

Now that the shared and private experience are a single listing, there is a new option to “Make Shared” OR “Make Private”.



Private bookings are automatically tagged with “Private Event”.

For more information on the feature you can read this article. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!



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