Custom Conversion Tracking

Custom conversion tracking in Xola allows you to input and save a custom script that will run inside of checkout when a new booking is made. One common use case for this highly customizable tool would be to use it to communicate conversion values to your third-party marketing software. 

Code should be entered using an HTML <script> tag, within which you can enter in Javascript that you would like to execute. 

There is a menu of variables available that can be combined with your custom JS to communicate data points for the conversion that is being reported on. These variables will dynamically populate values into your code. Available variables include:

  • Amount (number)
  • Order ID (string)
  • Product ID (string)
  • Product Name (string)
  • Product Type (string)
  • Total Demographics (number)
  • Session ID (string)

How to enable

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Conversion Tracking > Custom Conversion Tracking.
  2. Toggle the feature on. Since you're unlocking the ability to use your own custom code, you'll need to agree to additional terms of service before using the feature. 
  3. Enter your custom code into the text box. 
  4. Select save.

Your code will now execute within checkout upon booking completion. A good way to test that you've entered valid code is to use a console log, like the following:

<script type="text/javascript">
console.log("oh boy ... is it working? {{ order.productName }} purchased successfully for {{ order.amount }}");



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