New Dashboard Views (Beta)


This feature is currently in beta. Your feedback is super helpful so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!

How it works

Week and Day view for the Xola dashboard display events in a traditional calendar style format.

Control which events appear on the calendar by using the filters located above the calendar canvasFilter options include:

Date: Choose a new date via the square datepicker box (located next to quick search) or scroll chronologically using the arrows (located in either of the calendar's upper corners)

Listings: Select which listing's events should be displayed.

Guides: Show only events that have a specific guide or set of guides assigned to them. Choose the "show unassigned events" option to display events that have no guide assigned yet.


  • Reserved: view only events with active bookings.
  • Available to view only events with available spots.
  • All to view all the events for the time range, regardless of booking status.


Event Actions

Perform event level actions via the yellow action bar, either individually or in bulk, by selecting an event or using command + click to select multiple events. You can also access the event actions menu for individual events by right clicking on a single event tile. Event actions include:

View Roster: View the roster for an individual event (not available when more than one event has been selected)

Message: Send an email, SMS, or both to all guests with valid contact info booked on the selected event(s).

Add event note: Add an event note to the roster of the selected event(s).

Guides: Assign one or more available guides to the selected event(s).

Unassign Guides: Remove all assigned guide from the selected event(s).




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