Guide Permissions

You have the option to allow your guides to create, update, or delete their own schedules.

To learn about creating guide schedules, see this article. 

How it works

If enabled, a given guide will be able to access their schedule settings by logging into Xola and navigating to Resources > Guide Management.

To prevent an unexpected update occurring too close to the current date, you can restrict when guides are allowed to make schedule changes.

For example:

If your settings are:


This means that a guide would not be able to make a schedule change today that affects their availability tomorrow. For example:

  • A guide could not delete a schedule today that currently lists them as available tomorrow.
    • A guide could delete a schedule today that starts listing them as available next week.
  • A guide could not create a new unavailable schedule today that would make them unavailable tomorrow.
    • A guide could create a new unavailable schedule today that would make them unavailable starting next week.

Note: If your guide's availability schedule is set to recur every day, and has a start date that is in the past. They will not be able to make changes to it if you input a value in the Prevent Guides from making changes..." section that is greater than 0.

How to enable

This setting can be enabled on either on a Global level by navigating to Resources > Guide Management > Global Settings > Permissions, or on an individual Guide level by navigating to Resources > Guide Management > Edit guide > Permissions. 

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