Display Guide Information in Confirmation Emails

You have the option to display information about guides that have been assigned to a given event in the Confirmation and Reminder emails to your customers. This is a great way to give your customers an idea of who will be playing a part in the experience that they have booked, before the day of the event. This is an especially useful feature if your experiences involve meeting in a remote location or if Guides / Activity leaders play an integral role in providing your experiences.

To learn how to assign a guide to an event, see this article.

Guide information displayed in customer emails is set at the Listing level. So, to turn this on for a given listing:

  1. Navigate to Products > Listings > Edit Listing > Guides
  2. Turn on Guide Information
  3. Refer to guides as: Determine what you would like the section header in your emails to read.
    1. For example, if you are an escape room you likely do not refer to these staff members as “Guides”. You could put in the text “Game Master(s)”

Note: If you sometimes have more than one guide assigned to a given event, we recommend that you pluralize your guide descriptor to account for this. Example: “Guide(s)”

Once configured, Confirmation and Reminder emails for events that have a guide assigned to them will now contain a section with:

  • The “refer to guides as” label referenced earlier in this article
  • Guide Name
  • Guide Picture
  • Guide Bio


Here’s an example of what the email section will look like:


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