Make a Package Booking

*Packages is a brand new product line and is currently only available to Beta users. If you're interested in joining the Beta group and testing out Xola Packages, let us know by emailing!

In the Back Office

    1. From the Dashboard or Purchases tab, click the green Book button and choose an experience to book.
    2. Select the Package the customer would like to book.Screen_Shot_2018-03-01_at_4.34.14_PM.png
    3. Enter Booking Details.
      • Quantity of guests
      • Date & Time of each event in the Package
        • Note: You can book events that overlap in duration in the back office if you would like (after receiving a pop-up warning asking if you’re sure). When booking a package online, overlapping events are not allowed to be booked.
        • Don’t see the time that you need? Select add a new timeslot to create a new one! (note: if your inventory is not available, you won’t be able to create a new timeslot)Screen_Shot_2018-03-01_at_4.35.12_PM.png
    4. Select Add-On Quantity
    5. Enter payment details.
      • Do not charge card now: This will store your customer's card information but will not yet charge the customer. You can later go into the customer purchase to collect on the balance.
      • Pay Later: This allows the customer to reserve their spot without collecting any payment. You can later go into the customer purchase to collect on the balance.
    6. Apply Gift or Affiliate
      • Note: Currently, discount coupon codes & Vouchers cannot be used for Package bookings.
    7. Select payment method: (CC, Cash, Check, Other, Pay Later).
      • Note: If your customer is paying by check, we recommend noting the check number in the comment section.
    8. Add a Booking Note (optional) - This will appear on the resulting booking page and on the event's roster in the Booking Notes section.
    9. Add a Comment (optional): These will appear as tags on the purchase if paying by a method other than by card.
    10. Click Pay.
      • Note: Package bookings are handled as one single transaction for customersScreen_Shot_2018-03-01_at_4.35.57_PM.png
    11. After accepting payment, you will be prompted to complete the Package’s questionnaire (if applicable). This step can be bypassed by clicking "Skip", but must be completed if the booking is made online.
    12. After completing the questionnaire (or processing payment if the listing booked does not have a questionnaire), you will be taken into the Package’s purchase record in the Purchases tab.


Packages can be added to your website via checkout buttons / combined in Multi-item checkout just like normal listings. See this article for more information on how to configure checkout buttons.

Once you’ve added a Package to a checkout button, follow these steps to make a Package booking via checkout:

    1. Open checkout for the Package that you’d like to book
    2. Enter Booking Details
      • Enter guest quantity
      • Select date and time for each event
      • Note: when making a Package booking via checkout, you will be prevented from choosing events that overlap with one another in duration.
      • Enter Add-on quantity for each event
    3. Fill out Contact Info
    4. Select Continue
    5. Enter Gift, Affiliate, or voucher Code
      • Note: Currently, discount coupon codes cannot be used for Package bookings.
    6. Enter Credit card details
      • Note: Package bookings are handled as one single transaction for customers
    7. Agree to Terms and Conditions (If configured in your account)
    8. Fill out Questionnaire (If configured in your account)
    9. Sign electronic Waiver (If configured in your account) 

Your booking is now complete! You can find the new booking on the Purchases Tab of your Xola account.


When a Package booking is made, customers will receive one Booking Confirmation Email that contains:

  • Itemized payment summary
  • Time, date, checklist and meeting location for each individual event booked
  • Package Other Considerations
  • Package Cancellation Policy
  • package Terms and Conditions
  • Your company's contact info




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