If Waitlist is turned on for a given listing, customers will be presented with the option in checkout to “Join Waitlist” when they select a time slot that does not have enough open spots to accommodate the number of demographics entered in the Quantity section of the Booking Details page.


How to enable

  1. Locate Waitlist in the Xola App Store and select it.
  2. Click INSTALL and agree to the terms of service, you may have to log out and back in to see installed in the account.


To enable waitlist for one of your listings:

  1. navigate to Products > Listings > and select the pencil icon for your desired listing.
  2. Select Waitlist from the left side menu.
  3. Select Enable Waitlist
  4. Select if you want to send invites to customers automatically (If there are enough open spots to accommodate the size of a waitlisted group, an email will be sent to the group organizer inviting them to complete their booking.)
    • All waitlisted groups that can fit the open spots:
      • Ex. It will send an email automatically to any customer that fits into that timeslot and the amount of seats that just opened.
    • Groups whose waitlisted quantity would fill up at least X % of open spots:
      • Ex. If you have it set at 10%, it will send an email to customers who have that amount of 10% of the total seats that opened in their group 
  5. Checkout Message

    • This is the text that will display to your customers inside of checkout when they have selected a timeslot that does not have enough open spots to accommodate the number of demographics entered in the Quantity section of checkout. You can customize this text from this section. 



What the Customer will see

In this example, the 3:00 PM time slot on May 5th has been fully booked. A customer attempting to book this exact date and time would see the following at checkout:


Once they've entered all of their contact information, they will be able to join the waitlist.

A customer has the option to give a flexible time range they would be able to visit.

  • If the opt for this they will be put on the waitlist for the time range they entered. If the spots opened on them they will receive the email to book.
  • They will also be presented with other timeslots that are open if in the time range they enter.



Customers who successfully join the waitlist will see this message, along with the option to continue shopping:


 They'll also receive an email notifying them they are on the Waitlist.


View Waitlisted customers in Xola

If customers have joined the waitlist for an event, you'll see this reflected on the event's roster.

From the roster you can hover over the waitlisted customers and see available actions.


The confirm booking option will not show if the event does not have capacity. If you click confirm booking you will be given options for how you wish to collect payment.


The invite to book button will also only be displayed if the event has capacity. Once you choose this option your customer will receive an email inviting them to confirm and pay for their waitlisted booking.

  • If they have a flexible time they selected during checkout, you will be given the option to choose which timeslot you want to invite them to:

The remove from waitlist option will always be available and allows you to remove a customer from the waitlisted group if they wish to be removed. 

You can also view any customers on the waitlist from the Purchases tab. There will be a yellow clock next to their name to indicate they are on a waitlist and the same actions will be available from the Purchases tab.


An email can also be sent automatically if spots open up that can accommodate a given group. More on this in How to Enable section of this article above. 



Waitlist Example:

If your Waitlist setting is:


And your event has 10 spots open up due to cancellation or due to your increasing the event capacity from the roster.

Then any waitlisted groups of 10 or less will receive the following email:



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