Redeem a Voucher

You've created a voucher campaign with terms and restrictions set to your liking, perhaps to match a Groupon deal that you are running. Now it's time to redeem codes from your campaign! The instructions below detail how to use voucher codes in the Xola back office and on your website checkout. Voucher codes can be redeemed at time of booking, or applied to an existing purchase. 


Redeem a Voucher Code

During checkout

  1. Click Have a code? and enter in the voucher code. Click the green check mark to apply it to the purchase.
  2. You'll see the booking amount change accordingly and the voucher code recorded as a line item in the Payment Summary.

After checkout
For instructions on applying a Voucher Coupon code to an existing purchase, checkout our Apply Discounts, Coupons, and Gifts article.

Tip: Remove a voucher that you have applied by hovering your mouse over the line item and selecting the red x that appears.

Difference between Vouchers and Coupons

The difference between vouchers and coupons is that vouchers are a method of payment while coupons apply a discount to the booking total. Consider the following example, where we'll apply a voucher and discount coupon that are both worth $40.
Since vouchers are a method of payment, taxes and fees are calculated and assessed before the amount due for the booking is reduced. This means that and taxes and fees you have configured may still be owed after a voucher code is applied. 
Since coupons are applied as a discount to a booking's total value, taxes and fees are calculated and assessed after the amount due is reduced. This means that if you have a percentage based tax or fee configured, it's total will be affected by the discount coupon's application. 
Note: Multiple Vouchers can be applied to a reservation, but are restricted from being applied to Packages at this time.
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