Gifts in the Xola Back Office

You can find record of all Gift Certificate purchases by navigating to your Reports Tab and selecting Gifts.

    1. Search and Filter
      You can search by Name, Email, Gift Code, or by Purchase Date.
    2. View Gift Information
      • Name: You'll find the purchaser of the gift under From: and the recipient under To:. In green you will also find the Gift Code. 
      • Gift Value: The original purchase amount of the gift.
      • Amount Redeemed: Dollar amount that has been applied towards a booking with you. 
      • Outstanding Balance: Dollar amount remaining on this gift code that can be applied towards a booking. 
      • Recognized Income: Dollar amount that has been applied to a booking that has already occurred.
      • Deferred Income: Dollar amount that has been applied to a booking, but the booking has not yet occurred.
      • Purchase Date: Date that the gift was purchased.
    3. Purchase a Gift
      The green Buy Gift button is located at the top of the page. Gifts may only be purchased using a credit card. 
Tip: Want to make a booking with a gift code? See: Apply Discounts, Coupons, and Gifts.
Tip: Select any gift's row to be taken to the Purchases tab. If the gift has been used to make a booking, you'll be able to view and make changes to it. See: Modify a Booking.
Tip: Looking to sell Gift Certificates online? Install a Gift Button on your website! See: Button Types

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