Per-Person vs. Per Outing Pricing

Whether you charge each customer individually or you simply charge per trip, you can set this for each listing in the Pricing tab of a listing. After you have set your pricing, you can further customize with Pricing Demographics, Down Deposits, and Group Discounts.

Per-Person vs. Per Outing


  • Select this option if you charge for each guest individually. This works best for public tours as it allows as many customers as possible to book into a timeslot, regardless of if they're booking together or not.
  • Example: Each Adult ticket for the Bob Dylan Walking Tour is $25.
Tip! Do you want to charge per person, but limit your trip to one booking per time slot? Check out Private Groups with Per-Peron Pricing.

Per Outing

  • Select this option if customers pay a set price for a trip up to a certain amount of guests. Per-Outing trips are always private, ie, customers from another party can't book into them. 
  • With the guest maximum set, your guests will know that for the listed price they can bring up to the specified amount of people for their trip.
  • Example: A 2-hour Nashville Bachelor Party Bus ride costs $300 for up to 30 bachelors. This 2-hour extravaganza is not open for any other guests outside of the party to book into.
Tip! Use Add-Ons to charge for an additional hour of the trip or to charge for additional guests not included in the base price. For example, in the Party Bus case you could add an "Extra Bus Hour" for $100 and "Additional bachelor" for $25 so that customers could include these upon their initial booking.

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