Smartwaiver - The Customer Experience

So you've hooked up your API Key and Webhook URL and linked all your digital waivers to your Xola listings - What's next? How do your customers digitally sign the waivers, and how do you keep track of them? Read below!

Customers & Smartwaiver

  • After a customer completes a booking for listing with a Smartwaiver tied to it, the checkout window will ask them to fill out the waiver. This prompt will link them to the specific Smartwaiver URL that you have pasted into the listing.

  • This same digital waiver link will also be included in the Confirmation and Reminder emails your customer will receive. They can click the link in the email at any time to sign.

  • Important Note: At the moment, all signed waivers are automatically saved in Smartwaiver and can be easily manually linked to a purchase in Xola and to the trip timeslot. The only signed waiver linked automatically from Smartwaiver to Xola is the waiver signed with the same email address of the purchasing customer. All other waivers signed through the digital waiver link or at the waiver URL will need to be manually linked from Smartwaiver to the purchase in Xola.
  • Follow this link to learn how to Attach a Signed Waiver to a Booking

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