Check-Ins and No-Shows

When a guest arrives for a tour, you'll want to mark them as Checked In, which will secure their spot on the roster. When a guest fails to appear for a tour, you'll want to mark them as a No-Show, which will move their booking to the Pending Action Queue if there is a balance due remaining, and free up the corresponding amount of spots for the trip. This process does not notify customers, it is simply for your own organization.

Mark a Guest as Checked In or as a No-Show

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard, locate the guest's trip timeslot, and click into it to arrive at the roster.
  2. If you want to check in a guest, click the green check next to their name and they'll be marked as attended. If you want to mark a guest as a No-Show, click the red ban button.
  3. When you mark a guest as a No-Show, their booking will remain in the roster with the ban button in red. 
    • If you click to open the Pending Action Queue you'll see the No-Show booking there as well, only if a balance needs to be collected.

Note: Customers marked as No-Shows will increase trip availability by the corresponding amount of people. So this will cause these slots to open up to the public to be booked. 

Pro Tip: If you mark someone as a no show, by accident and need to correct this, simply just click the red No Show button again, and they will no longer be a no show. 

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