Check-Ins and No-Shows

When a guest arrives for a tour, you'll want to mark them as Checked In, which will secure their spot on the roster. When a guest fails to appear for a tour or would like to reschedule, you'll want to mark them as a No-Show, which will move their booking to the Pending Action Queue and free up the corresponding amount of spots for the trip. This process does not notify customers, it is simply for your own organization.

Mark a Guest as Checked In or as a No-Show

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard, locate the guest's trip timeslot, and click into it to arrive at the roster.
  2. If you want to check in a guest, click the green check box next to their name and they'll be marked as attended. If you want to mark a guest as a No-Show, click the red ban button.
  3. When you mark a guest as a No-Show, their booking will remain in the roster with the ban button in red. Note that customers marked as No-Shows will increase trip availability by the corresponding amount of people. 
  4. If you click open the Pending Action Queue you'll see the No-Show booking there as well, where it will remain until it's either cancelled or rescheduled.

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