Down Deposits

You may prefer that your customers pay a down deposit at checkout online or in the back office, or that at least they have the option. In each listing's Pricing tab you can specify details regarding down deposits and how you would like to collect them.

Down Deposits

  1. Navigate to the listing for which you'd like to enable Down Deposits.
  2. Click into the Pricing tab from the left-hand menu.
  3. Check the box, Enable deposit payments.
  4. Specify how far in advance the event's start time must be in order to allow a deposit.
  5. Enter in the required deposit amount. You have the option to collect:
    • A dollar amount per person
    • A dollar amount per checkout
    • A percentage of the checkout price
  6. Specify the number of days in advance of the booking date that the remaining balance is due.

Note: Customers who book online will always have the option to pay their checkout amount in full, as opposed to just the deposit amount.


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