Pricing Demographics

The price of your listing may vary by customer segment. If you charge different prices for Adults, Children, Seniors, or even Bob Dylan Fan Club Members, you can set these as Pricing Demographics in the Pricing tab of a listing.

Specify Price by Demographic

Important: Remember that when your listing is set up on a Per-Person pricing basis, we always set the highest price of a ticket across all demographics in Description > Price. This is because when we add pricing demographics we are discounting the price of the ticket for that demographic.

For example, a regular ticket is $15 and a children's ticket is set at $10, meaning children are discounted $5. You'll want to keep this in mind when using other features like Group Discounts so that this demographic doesn't receive the $5 pricing demographic discount in addition to a group discount (ie, a double discount).

  1. Navigate to the listing for which you want to add varying pricing demographics.
  2. Click the Pricing tab on the left-hand side.
  3. Click +Add Demographic.
    • Name: You can use one of our pre-made demographics, such as Adults or Children, or you can type your own in the text field (make sure to hit Enter on your keyboard to save it).
    • Caption: If you'd like, add an optional caption for that demographic.  For example, if the demographic is children, you may want to add a caption such as "14 and under".
    • Discount: If this demographic receives a discount from your listing's base price, specify that amount here.
  1. Click Save. You'll now see your new demographic saved in the Pricing tab and when you go to make a booking online or through the back office.


Tip: To edit a demographic, simply click the demographic hyperlink in the Pricing tab of the listing.

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