Refund to Multiple Methods of Payment

You may process multiple customer's credit cards or payment methods on one purchase. As such, you may need to issue a refund to multiple methods of payment. 

Refund to Multiple Methods of Payment

  1. Navigate into the Purchases tab and click into a purchase in which two or more customers have paid.
  2. From the Modifications Banner, click Refund.
  3. In the popup window, enter in the exact amount into the Amount field that you want to refund to customer.
  4. Select the Method of payment with which you would like to refund the customer.
  5. To refund an individual customer directly, choose an individual customer's card in the drop down menu. To split the refunded amount across all paying parties on this purchase, keep Automatic Split Refund selected. Please note that this is only applies to credit card refunds.
  6. Click the green Refund button. 
  7. To issue a refund to another customer on this purchase, repeat steps 1 - 6.
Tip! If you're going to be evenly splitting payment across two or more cards, keep Automatic Split Refund selected. Xola will make this easy and do all the math for you. 


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