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Make an Affiliate Booking from Checkout

This article outlines the steps that an affiliate partner should take to create a customer booking on your website. 

Making an Affiliate Booking

  1. From the provider's website, the affiliate will book a tour. 
  2. In the booking, the affiliate will enter the customer's information. 
  3. The affiliate will click Have a Code? on the second booking screen and insert their issued code.
  4. Once the affiliate enters their code in the booking, a box called Affiliate Deposit Amount will appear. This refers to the amount of money the affiliate has collected. It is very important to put the correct amount in this box for reconciliation purposes. 
Affiliate Deposit Amount Examples: Since this a booking made at checkout directly by the affiliate, below are a few possible situations of how Affiliate Deposit should be calculated. 
  • Affiliate collects entire amount: It's common for hotels to collect the entire amount from the customer, or charge the guest to their room. If our affiliate Astrid collects the entire amount from a hotel customer, then she will put the total amount in the Affiliate Deposit box. That will later show up in Xola as a balance to be reconciled by collecting money from the affiliate partner. 
  • Affiliate collects no money: If Astrid the affiliate does not collect any money from the customer, that means that the Affiliate Deposit amount in this situation will be $0. This means two things: One, that the customer is paying the provider directly through Xola checkout. Two, assuming there is a commission structure in place for the affiliate, that this will later show up in Xola as a commission that the providers need to pay the affiliate.
  • Affiliate collects only their commission amount: Lastly, if the affiliate collects their commission fee in a separate payment system and charges the customer in Xola for only the amount the provider is due, the they should put the total minus their commission since it has been withheld.  
  1. Affiliate clicks Apply Code and completes booking as normal.
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