Organize Your Affiliates - Parent & Child Affiliates

This article will teach you the difference between a Parent and Child affiliate and how to set them up. It  will also review some useful tips to keep your affiliate management module organized. 

Difference Between Parent & Child Affiliate

In Xola affiliates can be added either with or without a hierarchical relationship in place. When there is some sort of hierarchical relationship, we refer to these as Parent and Child affiliates. A Parent affiliate is the umbrella organization that hosts multiple individual affiliates within it. This is important when you need to either track or reconcile the Child affiliate separately from its parent organization. Below are examples of both types of affiliate structures.  

Parent Affiliate Structure: 

Individual Affiliate Without Parent Relationship:

How to Set Up a Parent Affiliate

  1. Navigate to Reports > Affiliate Commissions.
  2. Click Affiliate Settings in the top righthand corner. 
  3. Click +Create an Affiliate
  4. In the modal popup that appears, first add the Parent affiliate. Child affiliates pull from already-existing affiliates, so the first step is to create your pParent affiliate. 
  5. Next, after saving your parent affiliate, add a second affiliate by selecting the Parent affiliate you just added from the dropdown menu.
  6. Once you select the Parent affiliate, the discount and commission structure in place for the Parent will be inherited by the Child affiliate. This can be modified if necessary. 


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