Add, Edit, & Archive Affiliate Partners

This article will review how to add, edit, and archive your affiliate partners. It will also familiarize you with the basic definitions you will need to use the Affiliates Management feature. 

Add an Affiliate

  1. Navigate to Reports > Affiliate Commissions.
  2. Click Affiliate Settings in the top righthand corner. 
  3. Click +Create an Affiliate.
  4. In the modal popup that appears, you will add the information below:
    • Discount Only: If your relationship only extends a discount to the customer, then you will fill in only the Discount field. For example, let's say our affiliate Eva Anderson receives no commission, but she uses her code for guests at the Hilton to drum up business for local Xola providers and give Hilton's guests something special. In this case, we'd just fill out the Discount field with the discount the customer will receive.
    • Commission Only: If your customer never sees a discount but your affiliate partner receives money depending on how much business they refer, then you will use only the Commission field. In this case, Eva Anderson is incentivized to refer business in order to receive her agreed-upon commission amount which will be reconciled
    • Discount & Commission: If your customer receives a special discount and the affiliate partner receives commission, you will use both fields and specify the amount. 
    • None: If you have no financial relationship with your affiliate partner but they book on behalf of other customers then you can leave both Discount & Commission fields blank. 
    • Voucher: If your affiliate partners issue vouchers and do not actually collect any money from the customer directly at the time of booking then you can use the Voucher option. A voucher is an item like a paper printout that serves as payment to be collected at a later date. 
    • Affiliate Communications: The last two options allow you to specify where Xola booking communications should go. You have the option to send the confirmation email to the affiliate, the customer, or both. Keep on mind that the affiliate's email should never be put in the customer email field at the time of booking. You can read more about affiliates and emails here.
    • Parent Affiliate - If you have a partnership with an umbrella organization that has multiple individual affiliates, you will need to add a Parent affiliate. This is only necessary when you need to track or reconcile with each individual and not the parent as a whole.  
    • Name & Email - Add the full name and email address of the affiliate. While not required, adding the email address is best practice. 
    • Code - Choose an easy to remember code for your affiliate to use when booking customers. It helps to have some sort of logic or system in place when choosing codes. As an example, if I have an affiliate named Eva Anderson a good code would be EA. If there is a parent affiliate the child will inherit the parent's code. 
    • Discount & Commission - Most importantly, you will need to set the parameters of your partnership. There are four possible scenarios:
    • Affiliate Settings:

Edit an Affiliate

  1. Reports > Affiliate Commissions 
  2. Click Affiliate Settings in the top righthand corner.
  3. Hover over the affiliate row in question in the rightmost column.
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit & edit away!

Archive an Affiliate

  1. Reports > Affiliate Commissions 
  2. Click Affiliate Settings in the top righthand corner. 
  3. Hover in the rightmost column for the affiliate in question.
  4. Click the down arrow icon to archive your affiliate. This will not delete the affiliate but simply remove them from the Active view, you can restore the affiliate at any time by following the same steps and clicking the All view and using the up arrow icon to reserve the action.  


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