Taxes and Fees in a Purchase

Taxes and fees are added in Settings and can be set to apply to all or a select few listing. If a customer purchases an experience that has associated taxes and fees, they will be included as a separate line item in their Payment Summary. 

Add taxes and / or fees to a listing

  1. Click into the Settings tab and select Taxes & Fees from the left-hand menu.
  2. To add a tax or fee, click the green +Add button.
  3. Type in a name for this tax or fee and fill out the terms. By default it will apply to all listings - To assign a tax or fee to specific listings, untick “Select all listings” and choose the ones that you to which you would like to apply it.
  4. Click the green Save button.

Taxes & Fees in a Purchase

If a tax or fee has been applied to a listing in Settings, it will automatically apply when a customer checks out for that experience. If there is only one tax or fee, it will appear as it’s own line item under the Payment Summary. If there are multiple taxes and fees applied, you’ll want to hover your mouse over the it ‘Taxes & Fees” item to view the breakdown.


When you issue a refund, you’ll also be see a breakdown of the amount of tax or fee returned automatically to the customer.

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