Collecting a Balance

You may have purchases with open balances for a number of reasons.

  • A purchase was made using deposit workflows from either your website or your back office.
  • A purchase was made via the back office using the "Pay Later" payment method.
  • A purchase was made via the back office using a credit card, but with the "Do not charge card now" box ticked.
  • An online booking was manually accepted with the "Do not charge card now" option selected.
  • A purchase has had additional charges added or modifications made (ie, adjusting guest count, adding a charge, or switching experiences) , but payment for those has not yet been collected.

All collection of open balances is manual and can be initiated at your discretion.

What's covered in this article:

Collect a Balance with one payment method

Collect a Balance with multiple payment methods

Collect a Balance with one payment method

  1. As soon as a balance opens, a green Collect Balance button will appear in the customer purchase. 
  2. Click Collect Balance.
  3. In the window that opens, the Amount To Collect field will default to the full amount of the balance. If you're collecting the full balance, simply choose the method of payment and click Collect. If you only want to collect a partial amount, type in the amount, choose the payment method, and then click Collect
  4. You’ll immediately see the balance adjust in the purchase to reflect full or partial settling.


Collect a Balance with multiple payment methods

  1. Click Collect Balance in a booking with an open balance.
  2. In the Amount to collect field, enter in the amount you'd like to charge one card.
  3. Enter the corresponding credit card information and click Collect.
  4. If you haven't collected the full balance, the Collect Balance button will still appear in the purchase.
  5. Click Collect Balance.
  6. Click the Add new card hyperlink, enter in the new credit card information, and click Collect. At this point you can also select to process payment with Cash, Check, or Other.
  7. Once you've collected the full balance you'll see the Payment Summary changed to "Paid".


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