Adding a Code Post-Purchase

You've processed a customer booking, and now they want to apply a coupon, affiliate, voucher or gift code. No worries! Xola will help you easily apply this code and adjust the booking's value.

Add a Code to an Existing Purchase

  1. In the Purchases tab, navigate into the customer purchase.
  2. Below the Payment Summary, click Add codeA window will open displaying a drop-down menu and the customer’s payment summary.
  3. Click the drop-down to view all the coupon and affiliate codes for this account, or type in the code to search.
  4. Select the code from the list or if you've typed it in, hit Enter on your keyboard. You'll see the code applied and appearing in the Payment Summary.

Please note: If you add an affiliate code you'll be asked to put in an affiliate deposit. If your affiliate does not take a deposit, type in '0'. 

  1. Click Apply Code.
  2. Click the Return Payment button to finalize this transaction. The code will be recorded in the Payment Summary and in the Timeline of the customer purchase.

To Note

  • By selecting or unselecting the Notify box, you can choose whether you would like to send your customer an email updating that the coupon has been applied and the balance adjusted.
  • If you choose not to issue the refund for the difference right away, the booking will the booking will contain a green Refund Excess Payment button.
  • If you select the Check or Other payment method, this will not initiate a transfer of funds. For example, if you choose the Check option you must still write the customer a check - Xola will not produce this check.
  • Need to remove a code? Click here to find out how.
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