Auto Check-In

In Xola, there are two ways to check-in a customer for an experience. One option is that a staff member uses the check-in button for a customer on the Xola desktop or mobile app. The other option is to enable Auto Check-In for a listing (or all listings) - When this is turned on, all guests will be marked as arrived if the following two conditions are met:

  • The booking is made in the back-office.
  • The booking is made within the time time interval requested. For example, if it is set up so that the auto check-in is ‘60’ minutes, any booking made in the back-office within 60 minutes of the start time of the experience will mark all guests in that party as arrived.

Enable or Disable Auto Check-In 

  1. Sign in as the primary account administrator or user with administrative privileges.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. Select Preferences from the left-hand navigation.
  4. Check or uncheck the Auto Check-in field.
  5. Select the Save button at the bottom.

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