In Xola a tag is a word or phrase added to a purchase that can be used for searching and filtering in the Purchases tab. When you type the tag into the search bar, it will bring up all purchases that have been tagged as such. A tag may be auto-generated by Xola or added in manually after a purchase has been made.

Auto-generated tags

Xola auto-generates tags for for purchases in the following circumstances:

  • An Affiliate code is used (“Affiliate” + affiliate code)
  • A Gift Certificate or Coupon code is redeemed (“Gift” + gift code)
  • A booking is rescued via abandoned booking recovery (“Rescue”)
  • A booking is made on a mobile device (“Mobile”)
  • A book is made through Book Now buttons on a third-party website (URL of website)

Adding a tag to a purchase

  1. Navigate to Purchases tab and search for the customer purchase.
  2. In the "Add tag or internal notes" field, type in your tag.
  3. Hit your keyboard's Enter key to finish tagging.

For example, if several members of a local retirement home book separately for the same trip, you could tag all those purchases with the tag "Retirement home outing". When you type in “Retirement home outing”, it will filter down your scroll tab to display only those purchases carrying that tag. A great feature for birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, scout groups, retirement homes, field trips, and more!


Where do tags appear?

Tags appear in the “Add a tag or internal note” field inside a purchase. Your Events and Transactions reports both feature a Tags column that pulls in all tags associated with bookings. 

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