Assign and Unassign Guides to an Event

This article will go over the steps of assigning a guide to an event. Please note that you can add guides both to empty trips (to plan ahead) or reserved trips. Instructions on how to create a new guide can be found here.

Assign and Unassign a Guide to a Trip

  1. In the Dashboard, locate the timeslot that you would like to add a guide to and click into it to access the roster.
  2. To assign one or multiple guides to a trip, click Guides and tick off the guides from the drop-down menu who will be taking out this trip and click save.
  3. Depending on your notification preferences, guides will be notified when they are assigned to a trip. Twelve hours prior to this tour, the guide will receive a copy of the roster at the email address provided in Guide Management. If the tour is sooner than 12 hours away, the guide will receive the email immediately.
  4. To unassign a guide from a trip, simply click the Guides dropdown, untick the guide's name and click save. The guide will receive an email notifying them that they are no longer assigned to the trip.


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