Reserved vs Available vs All

Within both the List and Calendar views, you can further filter with Reserved, Available, and All modes.

  • Click Reserved to view only tour timeslots with active bookings.
  • Click Available to view only tour timeslots with available spots.
  • Click All to view all the tour timeslots for that day, regardless of booking status. 

Depending on the mode you're in in the Calendar view, you will either see a reserved or available timeslot listed out by time of day and number booked/maximum capacity or by a number in the date square. This number represents the total number of tours you offer on this particular day. There will be either a green, orange, or red circle underneath.  

    • Green circle: 50% or less of your timeslots that day are booked.
    • Orange circle: 50% or more of your timeslots that day are booked.
    • Red circle: All of your timeslots are completely booked up for that day.

 Click directly on the number of tours to view all the timeslots in a scrollable pop-up window. To access the roster for a timeslot, click on the blue wrench button.

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