Adding a Booking or Event Note

Helpful Tip for Reporting: Tags appear in the “Add a tag or internal note” field inside a purchase. Your Events and Transactions reports both feature a Tags column that pulls in all tags associated with bookings. 

Adding a Booking Note

While making a booking

  1. After entering booking details and payment information, select the +Add a booking note link
  2. Type in your note. If you'd like to always show this section without having to click the link, check the "Always show this section" box.
  3. Confirm the booking to save your note.

From the Purchases tab

  1. In the Purchases tab, navigate to the customer purchase.
  2. Below the Booking Details and Payment Summary, click on the +Add a booking note field.
  3. Type in your note here, whatever it may be. When you are finished, click outside of the text box
  4. When you go back into this Purchase, you’ll see the note (in gray) in the same field.



Adding an Event Note

From the roster

  1. Open the event roster
  2. Select the +Add an event note button
  3. Type in your note. When you are finished, click outside of the text box.


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