Credit Card Swipers

Process payment through Xola whether you're on a desktop computer or mobile device with our approved devices below.


Computer and iPad Compatible Credit Card Reader - USA, UK, and Ireland ONLY

The BBPOS WisePOS™ E is a countertop reader for use with Xola desktop login. It connects to Xola over a local network connection via Wi-Fi or ethernet. It supports EMV chip and tap transactions, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and magnetic-stripe swipes.

In addition to the BBPOS WisePOS™ E reader device comes with a power cable.

  • BBPOS WisePOS™ E is for desktop computers, iPads, and stationary set-ups.
  • Xola Compatibility: Chrome/Safari (Desktop/Tablet), iOS iPad: Xola Tablet, Android Tablet: Xola Tablet
  • For use with desktop computers - cannot be used with mobile devices
  • Requires internet connection
  • Accepts tap, swipe, and chip payments
  • Click to Purchase here.
  • Setup instructions here.
  • All orders are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Stripe Reader M2

Reader M2 is for Mobile Devices -Read below for applicable devices - USA ONLY
Stripe Reader M2 is a battery-powered mobile reader for your iOS and Android-based point of sale applications. It supports EMV contactless and chip transactions, mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and swipe payments. Stripe Reader M2 connects to your point of sale application over Bluetooth, and can be used with an optional dock or tablet mount.



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