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Viator is a consumer marketplace for tour and activity providers around the world. Here is a little more information about Viator in their own words:

Viator will allow your customers to book your tours and activities directly through their website. Integration with your Xola account would ensure that your Viator bookings appear on your Xola calendar, and tie into your capacity and equipment settings.

Here's what needs to happen in order for you to list & book your offerings through Viator, and have those bookings show up in your Xola account.

You must have an account with Viator as well, Not signed up with Viator yet? Learn how here.

What's covered in this article:

How to set up your listings in Viator properly

There are a few important things to keep in mind when you're doing this. In order for your offerings to integrate successfully with Xola:

  • Each of your Viator offerings must align with only one of your Xola listings. 
  • The schedule offered in your Viator offering must exactly match the corresponding Listing in Xola. If it does not exactly match, you'll need to modify your schedule or create a new listing for your offering.
  • To sign up with Viator please click here.

How to set up Viator integration in Xola

After your Viator account is up and running, you can have it integrate it with your Xola account by following these steps:

  1. Locate Viator in the Xola App Store and select it.
  2. Click INSTALL and agree to the terms of service.Screen_Shot_2018-09-24_at_3.28.22_PM.png
  3. Click Visit Settings Page, or navigate to Settings > Apps > Viator > Configure and select which listings you would like to allow Viator access to. Selecting listings from this page only allows Viator to look at the selected listing's availability. Your Xola and Viator accounts will still have to be mapped to each other. To start the process, navigate to the product connection section of your Viator account.


FAQs for Viator integration

Q: How long will the integration take?

A: Integration completion times can vary, so it is important to get a timeline from your Viator representative when attempting to sign up.


Q: Will I be able to edit Viator bookings directly through Xola?

A: Your Viator bookings will need to be edited through Viator directly, however, your Xola account will reflect select changes made within Viator’s system. These changes currently include cancellations, arrival date / time changes, and guest quantity.


Q: Will Viator honor my Booking and Outing minimums set within Xola?

A: No, all bookings made through Viator are auto accepted. You may be able to set minimum restrictions within Viator. 


Q: What about email communications to my customers, who sends them?

A: When a customer makes a booking through Viator via this integration, all emails and communication that they receive will go through Viator. No Xola emails will be sent.


Q: How will Viator know which listings to connect to within Xola?

A: Within your Viator account, you will select Xola as your distribution partner and select which of your Xola listings to map to your Viator products. 


Q: What about schedule changes?

A: If you add or change your tour and activity schedules, please make sure to mirror those changes in Viator. The schedule offered in your Viator offering must exactly match the corresponding Listing in Xola.


Q: I already have an account with Viator, what do I do now?

A: If you already have a Viator account, awesome! Simply navigate to the product connection section of your Viator account to begin the process. If you have any questions, reach out to Viator to help get the process started.



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